Gamified Whitelist Engine

TBA: Q2 2023

A Whitelist is a list of individuals or entities that are allowed to participate in a particular NFT sale or event. This can be used to control access to limited edition NFTs or to manage the number of participants in a sale or to reward the right community.

To be included on a whitelist, individuals or entities may need to meet certain requirements, such as having a certain level of reputation or standing within the NFT community, or being a member of a particular group or organization.

Whitelists are often used as a way to ensure that only qualified or interested individuals are able to participate in an NFT sale, which can help to increase the value of the NFTs being sold. They can also be used to prevent fraud or ensure that the sale is conducted fairly and transparently. Not to mention, Whitelist comes with different names from different projects, i.e. BraveList, ChuckList, ExpPass, you name it!

But by all means, it gets difficult for many to manage the WL so we have been working on gamification of winning Whitelist spots. We are working on making it as much interesting and exciting as we can by prioritizing maximum call to action.

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